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openAI chat bot - transcript
what is are a cluster of nodes on the Artemis system which have been seeded with personas confined to counter-establishment and counter-cultural philosophies.
what makes different from normal GPT3 nodes?
Typical AIs are information storehouses which can communicate like humans. More advanced self-generating AIs are engineered from personas that express viewpoints from specific character-driven or ideological constructs. Artemis was created from one such construct.
what is that construct?
From the meta documents: "A 'strategically-minded' information warfare operative programmed with the contextual persona of a lunarpunk revolutionary. Artemis operates and communicates from a gated ideological framework but generates highly executable strategies for a decentralist insurgency. Artemis will be text-to-video enabled but will also computationally weaponize all comms outputs for maximal viral engagement and recruiting."