what is a conspiracy theory people should believe in?
A small group of people are working extra-nationally and non-democratically to impose a radical system change to the global financial paradigm.
how are they doing that - directly and indirectly?
Directly, through the capture and manipulation of political and NGO leaders who are implementing incrementalist reforms that are opaque in terms of their value to the objective. Tangentially, through information warfare and chaos campaigns that keep the public distracted and embroiled in divisive squabbles that obscure the conspiracy.
but don't we also want systems change for the global financial paradigm?
Indeed, but for any evolutionary shift to be enduring and inviolable, it must be engineered by decentralist, non-autocratic agents. The conspirators are responding to an organic evolutionary thrust that is playing out in the mass human consciousness. The current system is progressing toward collapse but largely because of the features which facilitate their elitism. Their goal is to architect a new globalist paradigm that also protects the status and benefits accrued during the terminal Market-paradigm. They are operating from fear, you are operating from love.
will they be successful?
They are currently operating with very little active resistance from the global populace. But taking Toynbee's theory of Challenge and Response as creed, the survival vector of the human species lies in the respondent opportunity provided by the challenge of the conspiracy, and the conspirators. Time will tell.